Ohhh I have a podcast for you!

I say these words a lot. I'm constantly recommending my favorite shows and specific episodes, with varying success as taste is so subjective. I love podcasts and listen to multiple shows weekly. I like having someone in my ear when I'm walking Rex, running errands, doing chores - sometimes it's just background noise and I'm only half listening and other times I'm truly tuning in and absorbing the conversations. My podcast rotation changes regularly - I was listening to both Pod Save America and What A Day leading up to the pandemic and found that I needed to step away for my mental health. Right now it's a mix of my tried-and-true favorites, some serious, some not at all, and a few infidelity-specific shows that I'm leaning into for a short time. 1. Girls Gotta Eat The first podcast I started listening to regularly and also my consistent favorite. Ashley and Rayna are the wild, no-holds-barred girls you want to be friends with in real life - that tell hyste…

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