Ohhh I have a podcast for you!

I say these words a lot. I'm constantly recommending my favorite shows and specific episodes, with varying success as taste is so subjective. I love podcasts and listen to multiple shows weekly. I like having someone in my ear when I'm walking Rex, running errands, doing chores - sometimes it's just background noise and I'm only half listening and other times I'm truly tuning in and absorbing the conversations. My podcast rotation changes regularly - I was listening to both Pod Save America and What A Day leading up to the pandemic and found that I needed to step away for my mental health. Right now it's a mix of my tried-and-true favorites, some serious, some not at all, and a few infidelity-specific shows that I'm leaning into for a short time. 

1. Girls Gotta Eat 

The first podcast I started listening to regularly and also my consistent favorite. Ashley and Rayna are the wild, no-holds-barred girls you want to be friends with in real life - that tell hysterical stories, de-stigmatize everything from sex toys to stalking someone via Venmo, and interview incredible guests. I went to their first ever live show in NYC and am a true fan. Can't recommend it enough. 

2. Be There in Five 

Kate Kennedy does incredible deep-dives into pop culture and issues that effect millennial women. She's a Taylor Swift mega fan and from Richmond, Virginia originally. I would start with her episodes about Mormon Mommy Bloggers (a world I knew nothing about and still found insanely fascinating because of how she describes it), the True Love Waits movement, and the more recent Childless Millennial about grappling with the decision of whether or not to have children. 

3. Bad on Paper

I started following Grace and her blog, The Stripe, when I was moving to Brooklyn and wanted to find some NYC-specific content. I stayed for her book reviews and Bad on Paper is the listening-equivalent. Grace and her co-host Becca talk about what they're reading, who they're following, what recent purchases they love, and more. They also get some awesome guests and the whole thing is just a feel-good, girly part of my week. 

4. Ask Iliza Anything

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger and her assistant, Emily, read listener emails and give advice. It's funny, it's mostly irrelevant, and it's just a joy. Their weekly "top of the cob" and "bottom of the cob" give a new spin on life's highs and lows and I listen to it purely to laugh. 

5. The Growth Equation Podcast

My friend Jojo recommended this one to me when they interviewed the transcendent Shalane Flanagan. I've since become a subscriber and Jojo himself is featured on multiple episodes and his own mini-series within the show with one of the hosts! This one is perfect for life optimization hacks and I feel more productive just having it on while I clean my kitchen or warm up for a workout. 

6. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Ever heard of her? I kid, I kid. But Brene Brown is truly a gift on this earth and her podcast, which she started during COVID, is no exception. She puts some of the most profound struggles and complicated emotions into almost perfect words and easy to understand stories. Not a hot take, here. Listen to Brene Brown. 

7. Whine Down with Jana Kramer and Michael Caussin 

This one is new to me (thanks Jess!!) and has been incredibly helpful and relatable as I process infidelity. Jana and Mike started their podcast way before releasing their book, The Good Fight, and I love listening to old episodes where you hear them work through the really sticky, but seemingly universal, struggles of people in long-term relationships. I don't know that I'm a listener for life (and I skip all of the mommy-centric episodes) but it's been super helpful recently. 


Another new one! Two comedians, Lace and Katherine, have both been cheated on in the past and created a podcast around stories of cheating. They have listeners call in with their stories or they have guests on to share stories and generally shoot the shit. I heard about it through Ashley of Girls Gotta Eat and one of my other favorite NYC comedians, Jared Fried. Jared's episode on CHEATIES was very funny and insightful into the male mind. 

What am I missing in my weekly podcast rotation? Recommend your favorite!