Another ode to Rex

As I mentioned last week, my husband was called down to DC to work the ten days surrounding Inauguration Day. He'd only been home for exactly a week, having returned from about 30 days away. It's his job and I get it but that doesn't make it awesome. Especially given my still very present PTSD surrounding the infidelity and its conjunction with his work travel. 

Anyway. Luckily, I'm never truly alone because I have Rex. These are just a few of the instances over the past few weeks in which Rex made me laugh and further solidified his spot as my favorite person. [I'm fully aware that Rex is a dog. He's also my best friend. That means I can call him my favorite person. I make these rules.]

Cuddling his Christmas toys before he destroyed them

Partner workout + he loves a chin rest

Coworker + another chin rest example

Post-blowout fluffy boy

Another partner WOD + a scruffier Christmas toy

The best sleepover buddy, makes you feel incredibly welcome