Whew it's already been a year -- did anyone really think 2021 would be that different from 2020?! While I'm more of a realist / pessimist by nature, I strive to be a silver-linings person. It sounds trite but we can all truly only control ourselves and our reactions to situations. I can't quell domestic terrorism anymore than I can help the people glued to CNN 12+ hours a day to And I'm turning to this space less as my therapy and recovery gets more personal and I don't want to share things until I think they are healed and helpful. But I wanted to share the small things I've been turning to lately for joy and distraction in this cold and dark month.


Still on a good kick here. I've recently loved You Are Not Alone by Green Hendricks and Sara Pekkanen. It's a female-centric thrilled set in NYC with a few twists I didn't guess. I also devoured The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell. She's one of my favorite thriller authors; I always love her books. This one is set in London and goes back and forth from present day to the late 80's/early 90's. There's also a cult element which is always fascinating. And I'm currently reading Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory. It's ok - I really enjoyed her book The Proposal, which I read last year, and the style and framework of this one is almost exactly the same so I'm a bit bored. I needed to switch it up from thrillers but was perhaps not in the mood for a romance. But it contains some important current themes, one of the main characters is a Senator working on criminal justice reform and it centers around an interracial relationship, as most of her books do. I'll finish it - I just recommend the thrillers more. 


I finished re-watching the entire series of Veep and my husband was home for a week so my streaming viewing changed a bit. We watched Schultz Saves America and loved it. He's funny, offensive in my favorite way, and sees the nuance in all issues. Then we binged Manhunt: Deadly Games and watched Operation Odessa. Schultz actually made a joke in his special about white people loving the cops so much that we watch them do their jobs in our leisure time and I thought of this while we relished in the FBI and AFT (Manhunt) and DEA (Odessa) chasing down criminals for 12+ hours over a few days. My first memory of a TV binge was watching entire days of Law & Order: SVU with my mom and sister when USA starting airing those marathons. I don't know why we love watching the police do their jobs but we definitely do! Please note that I know and recognize that it is an immense privilege to enjoy watching police shows and feel safer when cops are around. That is my experience; I know that it is most certainly not everyone's. 

We started Manhunt: Unabomber (of course) but my husband has been called away for work again so I started Bridgerton. I'm only one episode in and I'll stick with it but I found it very slow. But I have high hopes - it came highly recommended - so I'm going to continue and keep my fingers crossed that it lives up to the hype. 

Other things

  • Walks with friends despite the cold - it's worth it
  • Homemade pina coladas - true joy is a frozen cocktail in your own home in January? 
  • 11 unbroken strict pull-ups. Been working towards this one for a while (11 is "excellent" for men in federal law enforcement PT tests) and got it on Monday 
Whatever your "lately" has looked like, I hope you're staying safe and sane as this year rolls on. Take care of yourself!