A list of good things from a hard day

I was in a funk yesterday as my husband had to leave early in the morning on another work trip. It helped to write about it but I still felt sorry for myself and wanted to mope. Here's a list of what I did instead to turn the day around:

  • took Rex to the park - his pure joy about running around off-leash is infectious 
  • had overnight oats mixed with a serving of pumpkin, a serving of Greek Gods pumpkin spice Greek yogurt, and cinnamon - fall in a bowl!
  • worked out - there is a difference between feeling unmotivated and needing a rest day. I rested on Monday so I certainly didn't need a rest day on Wednesday. Pushed myself to just do it and was glad that I did. 
  • went for a walk in the sunshine during the warmest part of the day - vitamin D baby!
  • worked on the final steps to become a coach with Macros and Muscles Nutrition - I felt productive and am continually proud of myself for going after something I believe contributes to my purpose 
  • watched a few episodes from season 6 of Schitt's Creek which just dropped on Netflix - David Rose is second only to Schmidt from New Girl in terms of my favorite television characters of all time 
All were low cost and low lift (in terms of effort - I didn't have to drive an hour or anything) yet added up to create a day that ended feeling much more positive than it started. It's easy to talk about focusing on the little things and sometimes I roll my eyes at that idea when I'm feeling blue, but I put it into practice yesterday and believe today is a better day as a result.