A list of good things from the past 60 days

Yesterday marked two months since discovery. It's such a short amount of time in the grand scheme of life but has felt inexplicably long due to the dragging on of the pandemic, my search for a new job, and the heaviness of grief. But there is always an angle at which you can view situations in the positive and I want to take stock of the good things from the past 60 days - both big and small. 

  • Clarity about how my old job was contributing to a feeling of a lack of self-worth that was negatively impacting my identity and relationships
  • Moving past the fear of driving in and out of Brooklyn 
  • Seeing my mom for the first time in over a year 
  • Seeing my sister's new house and spending quality time with family 
  • Open (and tough) conversations with my husband about issues we've buried from as far back as six years ago - hard but so worth it
  • The realization that I've forged deep friendships with incredible women in only two years in New York
  • The catharsis of sharing my story here and the amazing responses that have followed - both of support and of similar stories. I feel beyond grateful to be trusted with the stories of others and have found reading them to be as therapeutic as writing my own. 
  • The simple joy of an al fresco frozen margarita 
  • Leaning into things that simply make me happy (Sweet Magnolias on Netflix was the most recent pleasure my broken heart needed) 
  • Programming workouts for myself and remembering that I'm good at it 
  • Working out on my roof 
  • The reminder that I am fully committed to my marriage and that it is worth fighting for 
  • The realization that I wasn't fully happy either and that we both have to make changes in order to create the best possible relationship moving forward - also very hard but worth it 
  • Reinforcement of the idea that I'm strong enough to get through this and will be ok, eventually 
  • Rex. Brings good into everyday 
  • Long walks - both solo with podcasts and with friends
  • Writing the Vision for our Relationship and living into it for almost two months now 
What is something good you've discovered out of a bad or traumatic situation or event? I would love to hear about your silver linings and good things. Have a great week! 


  1. Leaning into family, friends, and self discovery are the best steps of recovery you can take. Find yourself and take that back to the relationship you’re trying to build. You’re doing great. 💗


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