A Swift song for all seasons

Some days are just hard and this week has been full of them. Instead of throwing myself a pity party, I want to create something funny out of it. "Should've Said No" came on during my workout yesterday and I reveled in the perfection of THAT song for THAT moment despite its release having been in 2006. I have made the joke before that there is a Taylor Swift song for every important moment in life (again, particularly the life of a 30 year old white woman) and I want to double down on this. If you're not a Taylor Swift fan, my apologies for your bad taste *wink* and I would just skip this one. For everyone else, this list is not exhaustive and I would love to hear other additions and interpretations. 

For starting high school - "Fifteen"

For first love - "Tim McGraw"

For an unrequited crush - "Teardrops on my Guitar" / "You Belong With Me" for an upbeat vibe here 

For realizing life is hard despite the privilege of being a white woman in America - "White Horse"

For falling in new love - "Enchanted" / "Everything Has Changed"

For falling in love specifically in Manhattan - "Cornelia Street" 

For the birthday after your 21st - "22"

For karaoke and nothing else - "Shake It Off"

For your first bad boy - "I Knew You Were Trouble"

For convincing yourself you love the bad boy - "Red" 

For realizing the bad boy actually sucks - "We Are Never Getting Back Together" 

For the rebound - "Blank Space" 

For finding a nice guy - "Begin Again" / "Mine" 

For a very specific holiday breakup - "Back To December"

For a friend breakup - "Bad Blood" 

For the guy who is out of your league - "Gorgeous" 

For hooking up with him anyway - "Delicate" then "...Ready For It?" then "I Did Something Bad" specifically in that order

For (kind of) regretting that decision - "Look What You Made Me Do"

For when you think you found the one - "Daylight" / "Style" / "Lover" / "Call It What You Want" / "Wildest Dreams"

For after fights - "Clean" / "All You Had To Do Was Stay" 

For your wedding - "Love Story" [I'm biased here]

For breakups / relationship trauma - "All Too Well" / "The Story of Us" (highly recommend for running while processing) / "Mean" / "Picture To Burn" / "Death By A Thousand Cuts" / "exile" / "my tears ricochet" / "this is me trying" / "the 1" ...basically all of folklore. 

*disclaimer: if you have recently experienced trauma, prepare for ugly tears during "All Too Well" and "exile". You have been warned. 

For infidelity specifically - "Should've Said No" 

For feminism - "The Man" / "the last great american dynasty" / "mad woman" / "mirrorball" 

For reminiscing about childhood and high school - "betty" / "seven" 

For reminiscing about lost love - "invisible string" / "cardigan" / "the 1" / "Dancing With Our Hands Tied"

For women who pursue married men - "I Forgot That You Existed" 😉


  1. Alternate for "White Horse": when that stupid boy finally realizes your worth, but you’re over it. (Boy, bye!)

    1. Haha YES!! "too late for you and your white horse, to catch me now"


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