The book I read in less than 24 hours this week

I believe there is nothing quite as wonderful as getting completely sucked into an amazing book. Especially this year, the ability to get lost in a different world (for very little money or free with a library card, with no possible health detriments or illegal activity) is something for which I feel grateful. This book isn't a new release - it came out last December - and MAN is it good. I started it on Monday evening, read it during every spare moment I had, and finished it on Tuesday. 

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover is the story of a mother and daughter who go through unimaginable trauma and come out the other side. Wonder why I loved it! I don't want to give too much away but it's an incredibly sad story with a heartwarming ending. This is the third book I've read by Colleen Hoover and she is a genre-jumper! I've read Without Merit and Verity as well. All three are excellent and all incredibly different. Without Merit is young adult fiction and Regretting You has a YA element with half of the story being told from the daughter's perspective. But I don't want to classify it as just young adult because it also contains some very adult themes and a little mushy romance? Verity is without a doubt the most messed up thriller I've ever read. I love a good Gone-Girl-esque thriller / murder mystery but Verity is in a league of it's own, with a twist that has stayed with me MONTHS after reading it. Seriously, if you want a Halloween scare, order it today and thank me on Monday. 

Read anything amazing lately? Recommend something to me! Have a great weekend, friends.