Going live tonight! Imposter syndrome pt 2?

As I've talked about a bit before, I love counting macros and the company Macros and Muscles Nutrition has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I will write more about my relationship with my coach, Hanna, soon, as she has been a driving force for good in my life since I met her in 2017. But for the purposes of today, I'll just say that I'm excited to have joined their incredible team of nutrition coaches! We're launching a video series today on Instagram and I'm equal parts nervous and excited. 

Today (Tuesday, November 10) at 6:00pm Eastern, I will be hopping on to introduce myself and talk about my background in nutrition and my vision for this series. From having an eating disorder and running 60+ mile weeks as a mostly-vegan-under-eater to jumping feet first into paleo and piling on protein trying to get stronger when I started CrossFit, I've seen so many sides of the nutrition spectrum and the industry of wellness. There's also the purely human, not super scientific, part of this stuff where I want to get into body image, emotional eating, weird disordered eating practices, and mindset. I want to be a resource because if there's something weird or shameful that you've done with food, chances are I have too. 

I'm super excited but also partially paralyzed with fear. I'm human (one that values perfection and external validation at that) and just want people to like the videos and me. Imposter syndrome is present big time - telling me no one will watch, care, or take any value from it. I'm fighting it by trying to see myself the way Hanna sees me. From day one of working with her, she's been an unconditional supporter and if she thinks I should do this, then I have to try. When I think about my greater purpose and unwavering passion in life, I believe I can be a resource when it comes to nutrition and mindset, particularly for those who struggle with eating disorders and disordered eating tendencies. 

So tonight I'll do my first introduction video and in two weeks (on Tuesday, November 24) I'll do a deep dive on Thanksgiving / holiday mindset and game plan. From there, I want to cover flexible tracking, emotional eating, meal prep planning and hacks, some cooking and recipes, how to focus on nutrient dense foods, and more! If you're free tonight at 6:00pm Eastern and find any of that interesting, I hope to see you there