Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you are celebrating solo, with family, with friends, or if you don't celebrate traditional Thanksgiving at all - I hope you have a wonderful day. This will be an unpopular opinion - I do not like most Thanksgiving foods. I prefer deli or ground turkey to the basted and baked bird and I'm not a beige carbs kind of girl. I love sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts but I eat those regularly. The only things that make my little heart sing are pumpkin and pecan pie. Anyway, whether you're like me, more like my husband who would order a turkey and cranberry sub in the middle of July, or somewhere in the middle, I hope you are able to find joy today. 

Like affirmations, gratitude journaling is something at which my inner cynic rolls her eyes. And, also like affirmations, the concept is popular because it is inherently effective. Just thinking about, and especially writing down, simple things for which I feel grateful is a natural mood elevator and turns my mindset from one of scarcity to abundance. So on this weird 2020 Thanksgiving, I'm just going to list five things for which I feel grateful (in no particular order!). I hope you do the same and enjoy a safe and happy holiday. 

  • Rex. Always. 
  • The progress my husband and I are making in couples therapy - it's so hard but so worth it
  • Taylor Swift's folklore concert on Disney+
  • My new job starting next week, which I think (fingers crossed!) will help fulfill my sense of self worth that I've been searching for since leaving Territory Foods in 2018
  • My health. This one is easy to lose sight of while I'm ripping myself apart in photos from vacation but flipping the switch from scarcity to abundance by recognizing how grateful I am to have my health, regardless of current ab definition. 

What are you feeling grateful for today? Bonus points if it's non-material things!