Sitting, waiting, wishing

If I'm being honest (and what's the point of this whole project if I'm not?), I haven't been fun to be around during the beginning of this week. I'm waiting on news / decisions about two things that are very important to me and as I was approaching my first Instagram live with Macros and Muscles Nutrition earlier this week, I was all over the place. The live video went so well and it's crazy how one small win can put other anxiety into perspective and make you feel like you're on a roll when all you did was knock down one challenge. 

When my anxiety feels heightened, especially about a number of things rather than just one big anxiety-causing issue, I admittedly don't do a great job of taking my own advice. I check my phone every five minutes (oh hey cortisol), drink too much coffee, read too much into things, and stress about things completely outside of my control. Enjoying one cup of coffee in the morning while I'm journaling and reading sets me up for my absolute favorite moment of the day but chugging three cups when I'm already anxious is a recipe for a racing mind, hammering heart, and restless hands. 

In addition to tackling one of the anxiety-causers, I leaned on my mental health shelf and other stress-reduction strategies. 
  • When waiting on news, I like to put into place a self-imposed rule to not check my email more than once every two hours. So if I see I'm checking it at 10:30am, I make a mental note to not go back into the app until 12:30 in the afternoon. As a general rule, I have zero push notifications on my phone as they are a constant source of anxiety. I see the little bubble on some apps (Slack) but that's it. 
  • Cleaning. There is nothing like cleaning up a mess to keep my hands busy and my mind at ease. I'm recently obsessed with Tub O' Towels. Once Clorox wipes became a thing of the past mid-pandemic, I bought Tub O' Towels and there is nothing these bad boys can't clean. So satisfying. 
  • Going for a walk. Easy, free, on repeat multiple times a day. 
  • Making a list of things I do know to be true and can depend on. Post infidelity shattered reality sucks and being in limbo in other ways just piles on. Reminding myself what I DO have is key. 
  • Breathing. It's crazy how tuning into your breath and mindfully slowing it down can affect your heart rate, seemingly endless stream of thoughts, and overall mood. 
Keeping my fingers crossed for good news and I hope that you're finding time to breathe, walk, clean, and relax this week.