Some good things from a weird week

What a week. I like to write about fun things for Fridays and knew this week would be a doozy. So I've looked back over the week and came up with five things that fed my soul in small and different ways. I hope you've had moments of calm and happiness this week as well. 😊

  • 1/2 rep Atalanta on a gorgeous fall day - The moment I saw the final workout of the CrossFit Games this year, I knew I wanted to do [a very watered down version of] it. I did an un-vested, 1/2 reps, partitioned Atalanta. Without a weight vest, I ran one mile then did 10 sets of 5 handstand push-ups, 10 alternating pistol squats, and 15 pull-ups followed by another mile run. It was the first sunny crisp fall day after a string of wet rainy ones and running felt amazing. I was also very sore for the next two days without feeling debilitated AND my hands didn't rip. Winning all around. Will do 2/3 reps next time 💪

  • Stump and mulled wine - I went to a friend's new place over the weekend for the perfect fall get-together. I was introduced to the drinking game, Stump, which entails flipping a hammer and hitting nails into an actual stump. It was much more fun and less inherently dangerous than I anticipated. I have very poor hand-eye coordination and I was also not as terrible as I anticipated so that was a plus. My friend made mulled wine and it was fabulous. 

  • Lucali's - Without downplaying the loss of life, jobs, and normal life as a result of the pandemic, a small silver lining for New Yorkers is the new ability to get into restaurants that previously required a 3-hour line. You can now call the famous Lucali's in Brooklyn (if you haven't watched their episode of Ugly Delicious with David Chang on Netflix, do it!) and get a reservation THAT DAY, at your choice of time. I had a pizza and calzone date with a friend - it was very Lady and the Tramp vibes - highly recommend. 

  • The Holidate on Netflix - It's silly and kind of stupid, like most holiday movies on Netflix are. But the lead actor (Luke Bracey) is devastatingly good looking and I enjoyed it overall. 

  • Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens - I'm late to the party here as this book came out in the spring of 2018 but I read it this week. It lives up to the hype and is heartbreaking yet uplifting at the same time. I couldn't put it down and am still thinking about it days after finishing. 

Have an excellent weekend, friends.