A day in the life

It snowed again!! I love the snow. I love it first because it's cold and I'm always so hot. Second, I love the yellow snow. It holds smells so much better and longer than the normal ground does. When I put my nose in the yellow snow, I feel like Mom when she gets a new candle and puts her nose in it to really experience the smell. I experience the yellow snow until Mom tugs me away from it. So this morning we walked in the new snow and I was so happy. 

When we got home Mom pulled down the new big thing in the office that has a seat and a handle. Mom and sometimes Dad will sit and go back and forth pulling on the handle and it makes a fan at the front spit out air. I like to put my face right up to it and the air blows back my fur. I like that until the air gets in my ears because I do not like air in my ears. Then I try to turn around and leave but there's no room so I have to back up and Mom laughs and calls it my reverse. I brought her my snowball while she was pulling on the thing and she laughed but she let it fall off of her lap and she did not throw it. Then she came out and started throwing the big heavy ball up towards the ceiling. I love most balls but not this ball. I tried to play with it but it's too big and heavy. I can't even really push it and I am very strong. I know I'm very strong because Mom and Dad tell me that all the time. After she threw the ball a lot she turned and started falling and getting back up on the mat. A lot of times. I tried to go stop her (who falls more than once??) but she told me off and kept on falling and getting back up. She does this often and I still haven't figured out why. I brought my snowball and laid in the kitchen so I could make sure she always got up. She did all of those things so many times and I was bored. But then she finally stopped and did some things on the mat and she was very salty which I love. So I licked her shoulder while she did her things on the mat until she told me to stop. 

Then she showered and I sat on the mat in the bathroom facing towards the door - just in case. Nothing bad has ever happened while she's in the shower before but I just have a feeling that she's very unprotected while she's in there so I have to stay alert. 

Then she made breakfast and didn't give me any. I had my breakfast a few hours ago so it's ok and she didn't even have peanut butter so I'm not too mad. I laid below her while she opened up the medium light screen and started tapping. She tapped for a few hours and then some other faces came on the light screen and she talked to them and says things like "will do" and "I have my action items". I got really bored during one time that another lady was on the screen so I put my front paws up on Mom's chair and licked her face and the other lady laughed. 

Later Mom was talking to still more people on the light screen with the tapping and I decided I really wanted my antler. I have a toy basket but the antler was buried at the bottom and I couldn't find it. I used my paws to try to turn over the basket which makes all my toys fall out and makes it much easier to find what I need. But my bed was in the way and even though I tried to tip it five times (it made a loud noise which was fun), it didn't turn over. Mom got up and brought my basket out into the middle of the floor and I was happy because I could easily overturn the basket and all my toys fell out. I grabbed my antler, then my bone, then a doorknob I got at Christmas which has an M on it. Mom was excited when I got the doorknob and said it's a part of the Home Alone collection from BarkBox. I don't know what that means but I like to chew the doorknob. I had my three toys but I was still bored so I took them to Mom. Then I got up on her chair again. That worked because she moved with her light screen onto the couch and put the light screen on her lap and tapped on it from there. I was happy because I got up next to her on the couch with the doorknob. We sat like that for a while before I got bored again. Then I booped the doorknob with my nose a few times to get it to roll onto the floor. It made a loud noise which was fun. Then I took a nap. 

After my nap and Mom tapping on her light screen, we went around the block and when we came back I saw Dad in his car (I've never been in this car which I find very weird because when we lived in Virginia I rode in the cars) waiting for a spot. I got very excited to see him and tried to pull Mom over the snow bank so we could jump through the window. She said no and that I would see Dad soon and we went upstairs. She dried off my paws and then Dad come through the door and I was so happy and excited. I ran and got my snowball toy and then my tug toy and then one of my balls and I wanted to show him all of my toys in case he forgot which ones I have. 

If I had to list my most favorite things, they would be: eating (bully sticks, other treats, peanut butter, yogurt, and my regular food - in that order), sleeping, playing tug, chasing my Chuck-It ball in the park, and when Dad comes home. Sometimes there isn't a lot of time between when he comes home and sometimes it feels like forever. Last year a lot of time it felt like forever. Mom calls those times "Mommy-Rex time" and I like knowing that we're here together. That is my purpose in life, you know, to make sure Mom is ok. I've known this since I was two and we lived in Virginia and Dad started leaving for long times. And then we moved to New York and this time he started leaving for long times and then he came back and then life got weird. There were days when Mom would cry a lot and I got anxious because I didn't know what to do besides cuddle her and show her my toys. So I stopped eating breakfast to let her know that I was sad too. And I was there and she cried into my fur and because I was there she knew she would be ok. I don't know what was wrong but I know she was very sad. I think she still is but it's getting better and I know I'm fulfilling my purpose. Do you know your purpose? I like that I know mine. 

Mom and Dad always say I don't have a job like some of the dogs who look like me on the big light screen on the wall. I think this is silly because I don't want a job. First of all, I love my life. I eat and I sleep and I play and I go for walkies. Why would I want a job? The dogs on TV have to smell for drugs and bombs and they have to chase bad guys who could hurt them. I like to chase squirrels but I know the squirrels could never hurt me because they are small and dumb. I have no interest in having a job. For money. But I have my job at home and I know I do a very good job because Mom always tells me that I'm the best boy. Why would I get a job if I can be the best boy at home napping 22 hours of the day?

I like nighttime because Mom stops tapping and puts away her light screen. We have all dinner - I have mine at 7 on the dot because I always know when it's 7 and I go sit at my bowl until I'm served. Then I sit in front of the closet with my bully sticks and if Mom forgets or if she and Dad are eating their own dinners I go shepherd them towards the closet because I need my bully stick and I'm a shepherd so I know how to move people towards what I want. Then Dad takes me around the block one more time before we all go to bed. It's a good life despite the few things I dislike like the fire alarm going off, things that are scary on walks like tarps and umbrellas or overturned trash cans, and little kids on skateboards and scooters. 

That's it for me until I wake up tomorrow and do it all again after I demand breakfast. Like I said, it's a good life. 
-- Rex (also known to my family as boo boo, the boo, the baby, bebĂ©, floofy, the floofy one, Rex-Rex, Rex-a-roo, ding-dong, dingus, clicky-clacky (when my nails are too long), little one or wee one (when Mom is blind and doesn't realize that I'm as big as her), sheeba, pumba, fatty (when Dad is not being very nice about my fluff), and, of course, the best boy). 


  1. I love this one so much! ❤️

    1. Thank you dear! Nurturing creativity however it pops up these days :)


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