A few good things

I want to acknowledge that all of the therapy and eating disorder talk can get heavy. And I appreciate it if you're still here. And life is not all bad. Here's some things I've loved over the past two weeks and I hope maybe you will too. 

  • HBO Max's The Flight Attendant - Kaley Cuoco, Zosia Mamet, and T.R. Knight?! I would watch these three just sit around a table and talk about nothing. I loved this start to finish. 

  • The Talented Miss Farwell by Emily Gray Tedrowe - I loved this book AND it stressed me out a little. I had to know what happened. Becky Farwell is a criminal but one I found myself rooting for. This has fun fashion and art world aspects, an enduring while complicated friendship, and an immense amount of fraud pulled off single-handedly by a woman. 

  • A morning ritual grounded in a steamy and comforting bowl of oatmeal. Kath Eats is my forever favorite oats-inspo.

  • I ordered this washcloth as an impulse buy after reading Grace's review and listening to the Bad on Paper interview with the small business owner, Caroline. It's called the Luv Scrub and is a black-owned business in Brooklyn. I got the indigo color and love it.

  • I work next to a big window and it gets quite cold. I've found myself looking forward throughout the day to yet another ritual of various cups of tea. Chai mid-morning/noon for a little caffeine boost and some type of herbal tea mid-afternoon for warmth without the sleep-interruption later. Leaning into the cozy vibes hard over here as we trudge through February. 
I hope you find some good things this week - we're halfway through! xoxo