Week in rest 04.04.21


  • 15:00 AMRAP
    • 30 double unders
    • 15 push jerks, 35# DBs
    • 30 double unders
    • 15 T2B
  • 4 rounds
    • 16 DB OH lunges, 35# DBs
    • 16 pistol squats
    • 16 burpees
  • 2 sets
    • 10 3-way v-ups
    • 10 Superman's
    • 10 up & overs
    • 10 Russian twists
    • 10 Spiderman planks
  • 40:00 easy
    • 20 cal row
    • 10 KB cleans + 5 KB push press, left
    • 10 KB cleans + 5 KB push press, right
      • 35# KB, 40# KB, 53# KB
    • 3 strict ring dips
Monday through Friday: active rest! 10k+ steps per day and one quick bike ride. 

Not that I need to justify taking five rest days while on vacation (or ever), but I had a slightly scary incident last Sunday. I like to push my body AND probably pushed it too hard from a combination of knowing I would have a lighter exercise week and feeling pudgier than I like to going into a beach vacation. During last Sunday's workout, the 35# kettlebell felt great, if a little light. The 40# felt perfect. The 53# was a bit heavy, but I wanted to use it during the last 10:00 - to push myself and to prove that I could. For whatever reason, whether I didn't brace my core correctly or I was on day 7 without rest (likely a combination of those two), I pulled my back doing my last clean into the first push press with the 53# kettlebell on my right side. It just felt like a little twinge so I put the kettlebell down, shook it out, and cleaned it again for my next 4 push presses. No dice. I resigned myself to using the 35# for the remainder of the workout, which was only about 3 minutes. Because once I set a timer for 40:00, I'm going for 40:00. [Sorry Mom!] 

I took three Advil (my go-to remedy for everything) and felt stiff the rest of the day. My back would spasm when I moved from sitting to standing and I was protecting my back to the point where Pat noticed. I told him what happened and endured the subsequent laughter and "you're FINE" -- quite literally a taste of my own medicine. Allow me to explain: I have a weird body. I don't get sick and I have a seemingly superhuman resistance to injury. I get slightly sore from tough workouts and am fine after one day. I used to run a quick few miles the day after marathons. So I find pain hard to understand. Not to brag... but I don't get period cramps or headaches. I credit good genes (my mother is the same), a diet full of stuff like kale and chia seeds, and a dedication to ample sleep. Pat, on the other hand, blows his nose constantly and always seems to have a lower back injury, achy knees, etc. It's hard for me to comprehend this and therefore my empathy for niggling pain is impaired. So I deserved the "HAHA serves you right for pressing the 53# kettlebell you psycho" treatment that I received. 

The next morning, the morning of our 3-hour flight, I struggled getting out of bed and almost couldn't bend over (unsupported forward flexion being the enemy of back pain - thanks Kinesiology degree!) to feed Rex. I took another three Advil and was fine for our flight. All of this is to say - I needed a few days off! And if I'd felt 100%, I would've either dragged myself to the hotel gym each morning or berated myself to no end if I didn't. I don't believe in divine intervention but I'm now feeling a little grateful for my pre-vacation back strain. We walked, we lounged, and we drank margaritas. And now I'm back home and have done two easy ease-back-into-routine workouts and feel great. 

In resolving to take care of my body to the best of my abilities, I must always remember to include rest. And not just a weekly rest day but some deload weeks and complete chunks of rest like I had this week. So I'm diving back into this week of routine with the mindset of longevity accompanying my killer South Florida tan :) 

Have a great week and take an extra rest day if you need it!