About me

Hi there and welcome! Whether I know you personally or not, thank you so much for visiting my little corner of the internet. I've wanted to start a blog for years but have always been held back -- by imposter syndrome, by fear of not knowing what I'm doing, fear that no one will read it, fear that people will read it and hate it, etc. But 2020 has given me a push forceful shove to move past the fear and just try it. 

I've been married since March 2017 and with my husband since 2014. I've been dealing with various levels of virtual infidelity since 2015. He's never gotten physical with anyone but has a history of starting and pursuing emotional connections with women via social media and texting. Each time I've discovered an indiscretion, we've dealt with it, "learned", and moved on. But in August 2020 I discovered the deepest and most devastating infidelity yet. It rocked my marriage, my sense of self, and my entire world. It made me examine every piece of my identity - my past, my present, and who I hope to be in the future. 

Like all of us, I contain multitudes. I'm a dog mom to a 103-pound German Shepherd who I love dearly. I'm a former competitive distance runner who dabbles in competitive CrossFit. I'm a recovering anorexic who loves counting macros AND drinking margaritas occasionally. I'm incredibly close with my mom and my sister but have no relationship with my father. I place incredible value in my friendships, especially with the many wonderful women I've met in Brooklyn. I'm also an anxious perfectionist who has high expectations for herself and others. I believe that Taylor Swift is the poet and voice of my generation. 

I started this blog as a place to process the infidelity and explore how this trauma is changing me. I don't trust people who call themselves experts but I know a lot about fitness and nutrition so I explore my perspective on those areas too. 

I hope this provided some context and a place to start. Thank you for being here.